That’s the pump that inflates Bitcoin

Is it the Libra project from Facebook? Is it the Chinese answer? Is it the interest in cloud mining? Are they institutional investors who discover Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for themselves? Is the reason the increasing amount of freelancer getting paid in BTC? You can puzzle for a long time over what is behind […]

Why the Bitcoin Rally continues for the time being

The cyber currency Bitcoin is about to cost more than 9000 dollars again. Institutional investors in the market are driving prices. The price of the crypto currency is rising again. The Bitcoin Rally continues. The oldest and most important crypto currency increased in price on Monday around well ten per cent and was also in […]

This is what the Facebook coin will look like

The popularity of BTC is rising and the amount of trades at exchanges increases every day. Therefore the social media giant presents the working paper for its own crypto currency. Although Facebook has numerous (size) advantages, there are also tricky questions to be answered. On Wednesday, the curtain will be lifted over a strictly guarded […]

KENO – the daily lottery from the Far East!

KENO is the daily number lottery from the Far East with the chance to win 1 million euros – day after day! You’re guessing 10 out of 70 keno numbers. 20 winning numbers are drawn at random. The amount of the possible win is up to you. In addition to the daily million, the additional […]

How To Trade Cryptos – Guide For Beginners

Instructions – Open Wallet, Trade Successfully With Cryptocurrencies There is no secret recipe on how to successfully trade in cryptocurrencies, but at least a guide for newcomers. This includes, for example, which steps you must take to place the first trade order with a cryptocurrency. There are also some tips on how to increase your […]

BTC Mining Difficulty Gets To New Alltime High

Things continue to heat-up in the field of Bitcoin mining lately. As the hashrate continues to grow, it’s simply to be anticipated that the exploration problem proceeds to rise. Yesterday, the issue changed once again and rose by 7.43%. This modification represents a fresh all time high for exploration since bit-coin was developed. Fresh equipment […]

Making Money Trading Cryptocurrency

For those who have additional cash laying in the corner – you would be amazed what you’d be able to do with this. With just a couple of bucks worth of Bitcoin you can begin trading crypto currencies immediately. The market places don’t charge any agent fees, there are no middle-men to cope with, nor […]

Bringing In Bitcoins With Websites – Comparing BTC Ad Networks

Good Marketing to make more money isn’t easy, particularly in a age when a lot of people are utilizing ad blockers in their browsers, & most common individuals are only particularly hitting advertisements so that you can guide the system to the landingpage where the users should be led to. The use of BTC is […]

Tips For Buying Bitcoins With Credit Card Securely

This site aims to function as most effective source for brand new customers to comprehend the best way to get Bitcoins utilizing a credit card. Be exceptionally cautious when purchasing bit coins from perhaps not certified sites or people. Like in the real life there are lots of swindlers about. In the event that you […]

The network’s capacity of BTC

Over the past year and a half quite a few leading voices in the Bitcoin community have already been warning the system needed to make fundamental changes to its core applications code to prevent being overwhelmed by the continuing increase of Bitcoin trades. There was strong disagreement within the community, yet, about the best way […]

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