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The network’s capacity of BTC

Over the past year and a half quite a few leading voices in the Bitcoin community have already been warning the system needed to make fundamental changes to its core applications code to prevent being overwhelmed by the continuing increase of Bitcoin trades. There was strong disagreement within the community, yet, about the best way […]

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Blockchain And Digital Health Services

Blockchain and digital health services could be an ideal fit for each other across various uses. From distributed interoperable health records to evidence of adherence for medicine, the health care sector is ready for digital invention. More typically, technology is a hyper-deflationary power, which could be especially successful in providing quality healthcare through more powerful […]

Is Bitcoin only for investors?

The short answer is no! There are a lot of possibilieties like using BTC to gamble in cryptocurrency casinos or buy luxury fashion. For some, Bitcoin is a savior. For others, the cryptocurrency is a red rag. But something is happening. Even mainstream investors are making friends with the idea of betting on Bitcoins. However, […]

Russia’s criminal crypto empire with many heads

Darknet marketplace Hydra is becoming one of Russia’s largest Internet companies, with a trading volume of nearly $1.4 billion. If you can compare. Hydra is by far the largest darknet marketplace in the world. The Russian platform has been trading drugs since 2015, and later stolen sim cards, credit card data and other illegal goods. […]

When the courses dance and the whales hold

Yesterday was a record-breaking day. The price plummeted, and the price rose again. There was rarely so much movement in the markets, perhaps never before. But was it a black Wednesday – or a white one? The confirmation of the bear market – or its refutation? Is it time to short bitcoin? What a day. […]

From Tesla to pants: Here’s what you can pay for with Bitcoin and Co.

Hardly anyone can get past cryptocurrencies at the moment. We reveal what the virtual money is good for and what you can invest it in. The first bitcoin and cryptocurrency millionaires are now out there. No wonder, the virtual currencies are currently booming. Nevertheless, the question arises as to what sense it makes to have […]

Playing Poker With BTC

btc poker

Before you can make a deposit via Bitcoin at online poker, you first need to purchase some Bitcoins (or milli or micro Bitcoins). The purchase is relatively simple and can be done in half an hour (see above). The Bitcoins are stored in virtual wallets (Bitcoin wallets). Once you have such a Bitcoin wallet in […]

Bitcoin sports betting – information about betting and BTC

Sports betting with Bitcoin – this is a topic that is becoming increasingly topical for more and more sports bettors. Those who want to deposit and place bets with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, BTC for short, already have the opportunity to do so at some handpicked sports betting providers. Simply buy Bitcoins and deposit from the […]

How to profit from Cryptocurrencies?

The rapid development in cryptocurrencies is remarkable. Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum have long since become much more than digital means of payment for a few initiated people. Private investors and speculative investors have the digital currencies in focus. The Bitcoin hype, after the immense increase in value of the currency is far from over. New […]

Trading Bots – How They Work

The current development of commercial robots is exciting. Trading bots are computer programs that enable automated trading on the financial markets. For example, the Option Navigator is an automatic trading tool that can perfect binary options trading using a proprietary algorithm.

The 5 big Bitcoin stories

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Whitepaper lays the foundation on nine pages for a digital asset that has already created a multi-billion dollar ecosystem after ten years. Where Bitcoin derives its value from is a question to which there are many answers. This week we look at five innovations that Satoshi has made possible and why you […]

Binance Test 2019

If you have ever thought about investing directly in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, you should take a closer look at the most popular Crypto Börse Binance and our test report. In our Binance Test 2019 you will find the most important features Crypto Börse has to offer. These include the Binance Coin (NBB), which […]

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